Meet our new manager

At 37, Aaron has a vast amount of experience in almost every facet of Trout production and Running successful Fly Fisheries.

From 2011 to joining Avington last year, he worked for an educational facility where among other duties he managed the production of bio-dynamic Brown Trout. The position required constant liaising with various bodies such as the EA, CFAS, Demeter etc.,and the maintenance of very high standards. He lectured on fish farming and husbandry both in the UK and overseas.

He managed another well known South of England Fishery and Fish farm. In addition he has managed a successful fishery and fish farm producing trout for local table consumption, and the re-stocking sector.

His enthusiasm is infectious and he leads from the front.

He and his team have already made major in roads into the grounds of the Fishery and when the mud subsides  and spring finally arrives  the Avington Trout Fishery will once again look as good as at any time in it’s history.

Come and meet Aaron, he’ll be happy to say hello and have a chat (if you can stop him working for 5 minutes).

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