Monthly Report April 2018

The month of May has started with a beautiful bright and sunny day, even if cold. But after the worst winter we can remember at Avington, the month of April was no better.

But the Cuckoo has been singing for the last few days, so that alone brings a smile to our faces at the fishery.

The good news for all you “doubles” hunters, none came out in April. Several people managed to hook one of the very big “Brownies” but no one succeeded in getting it to the net. There are three large Brown Trout, frequently seen, but having been pricked are largely disinterested in the anglers flies. They will have lost weight , as the natural fly life has not yet arrived at the size and quantity to retain weight on the very large fish.

Our May Fly rise is usually slow to start but continues for several weeks. Fingers crossed the big ones will succumb to the attraction of some big fat May Flies and whilst thinking of other things, take one of yours. Richard the most successful of doubles catchers that we have had for years has booked later this week, so next month I anticipate a different story.

As I write (today) we have two anglers who two weeks ago caught a great bag which include a 9lb and a 7lb fishes, but who were broken up by one of the big ones, and who have returned with only large browns in mind. Good luck.

We have a new look web site, which I hope you like. With all the changes, the new forward booking discount should be noted, and several of you have already taken advantage. We have long known that the weather “forecast” was worse than the actual weather, and in an attempt to stem the tide of “No Showers” we are offering a non refundable 10 % discount on all prices for booking and paying, two weeks or more before the fishing date.

Roger Greentree, ex Meon Springs has already made a major contribution to the “Face” of Avington, and has introduced a number of new stock items in the shop, not least of which is Judes Ice Cream. Locally produced here at Avington, and I can tell you is probably the best ice cream I have ever had. Fingers crossed for a good summer.

On a more serious note Roger has also introduced a number of other “must haves” for our anglers and his welcoming voice and years of experience of Fly Fishing and coaching will be invaluable to you. He will be delighted to have a chat about fishing in the clear waters of Avington.

We had two Corporate events in April. One for 35 anglers and their guests, at a temperature in the high twenties, and the following Friday for 45 anglers and guests at 10 degrees. However few noticed the cold when 65 fish ranging from 4lb to 9lb were caught and taken home. These were all restocked that same evening, so we know how many and what sizes of fish are awaiting your fly.

When the big doubles have been caught they will be replaced, however, Aaron has rightly decided that Avington should retain it’s name at the top of the leader board for doubles, and will be holding some back in an attempt to get back up to British record size. And “No” we won’t tell you when they are going in.

The fishery is looking stunning now, with the buds coming into leaf and the reed around the margins growing again to give you (and the fish) better cover. Come and see us during May and perhaps when you have caught your limit, try a dry fly on the carrier. The small fish are difficult to see and spook very easily, but they are there in large numbers, and will be fantastic sport, catch and release, in May, June and July.

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