The Lakes


The smallest of the three lakes and has depths from 6-8 feet. The bank next to the carrier has long been a favourite, especially in the summer when fish take advantage of the shade from a line of giant lime trees. It is also a good place for the novice angler to have a go as there is plenty of space for the back cast.


The largest of the lakes and has depths of 4 feet at the bottom end while the top end has deeper holes at 12-13 feet. Even in the summer the tree cover is open enough to allow the prevailing winds to ruffle the water’s surface making for good top-of-the-water Buzzer fishing. The lake also has a lot of open bank space allowing for easy casting.



An exclusive catch and release lake, which is stocked with a selection of small trout, some of them browns and tigers. This lake is regularly re-stocked making it one of the best catch and release lakes in the country.